ZERO Risk or out of pocket costs to your organization
We bring out our world Long Drive Golf Professional

He Hits a 400 Yard Drive for every group on a par 5

No obligation or minimum amount for any group to donate, He hits a shot for every group

Anyone that holes out their second shot wins a $5000.00 golf trip for (2)

There is no drawing or raffle or player data collected, someone holes out they win

A Volunteer from your group handles and keeps all of the donations

Proceeds raised on the hole are split 50/50 with your group or an event sponsor can cover an appearance fee and 100% of the proceeds benefit your organization

Over $55 Million raised on our tee box at 11,000+ Tournaments since 2012

This contest actually speeds up play for the day and it is the fastest hole on the course as our pro hits a 400 yard drive for every group regardless if a group makes a contribution or a donation

MINIMUM # OF Players required-72